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FixMatka App - 1 Week Rent

30th October 2022 | 270 Days


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Description - The Best Website for Matka Guessing and VIP Matka Games is now available on rent!
Get the Fix Matka website and App on rent and earn money by giving VIP games to its members. FixMatka is a brand in the Satta Market known for its excellentApptka Guessing as FixMatka is the pioneer of free Matka Guessing in the Satta Bazar. Users are loyal to FixMatka and willing to pay a handsome amount for VIP Matka Games.

FixMatka App is Android App for the Matka Brand - Fix Matka. The App has 10K+ installs on the Play Store and 4.5 average ratings. It has a loyal userbase who use the App daily for Matka Guessing posted in the App.
You can place a Popup Ad with Mobile Number and WhatsApp number, which users will see every hour when they open the App. Users are eager to Pay to get a VIP Matka game from FixMatka Admin. So why wait? Bid now and get a chance to place your Mobile number on the FixMatka App for a week!

Your Ads, Offers, and Mobile Numbers will also be posted on - The Most Trusted Website to Buy VIP Matka Game and Satta Matka App - The Most Trusted App on Play Store to Buy VIP Matka Game